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Dust Bunnies

See all the dust bunnies under the chair
What are they made of? Feathers and hair.
Where do they come from? No one knows where
How did they get there? They float on the air
What is their story? Listen my dear.

The Natural History and Evolution of the North American Dust Bunny (Domesticus Flufficanis)

They were real once you know?

No, I didn’t

Oh yes, a long time ago they roamed the world and played and lived much as our bunnies do today.  Of course they were much smaller than today’s bunnies and much lighter too. They could leap into the air and be carried long distances by the breeze much as dandelion seeds. They weren’t called dust bunnies in those days.  They were called Duck-bunnies then.

Duck Bunnies?

Yes, you see the duck bunnies loved water.  There was hardly a pond without a family of duck bunnies swimming around on it.  They would dive and swim and play where ever there was water and hence their name—Duck Bunny.

Is this true?

If by true you mean are there any duck bunnies around today then no, sadly, they are all gone.
If by true you mean did duck bunnies ever really exist? Well, who can say for sure.

What happened to them?

After many hundreds of years of playing on the breeze and swimming on the ponds, the weather changed.

What does the weather have to do with it?

Why everything. It got drier for one thing.  It stopped raining and all the ponds dried up. The poor duck bunnies would float on the breeze for days looking for ponds to play in and not find a single one. So they simply dried up into little balls of fluff.

Just like dust bunnies?

Just like dust bunnies.

Maybe if we put them in water they’ll revive.

No, they’re gone. Only their whispy bodies remain. Blown by the wind they gather like they did so long ago searching for a pond to play in.

That’s a very sad story.

A sad story indeed.

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