Monday, August 19, 2013

Endless summer

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

On the edge of summer, the dusk of unbridled passions,

My heart waned with the burning foliage, the blushing leaves,

The gasping grass, all paining for the kiss of summer, the constant sun

Blessing them with his presence. How I wish that glorious god would rest

His hand upon me! Perhaps I wouldn’t fall under the curse of Autumn’s sorrow.

And as if dear Venus had peered deep into the shady regions of my heart

And asked if the reflection of the sun, the glory of light, this dearest Apollo

To woo my heart with his golden tongue, his flawless features and razor wit,

To invite me onto his couch, onto his gorgeous bed.

Now all I see when I look at you is the rising of the sun,

The dawn of bracing heat, virile flowers, lush fields and crystal lakes

Still waltzing on the breeze, free from the bonds of ice, the cold breath

Of Hades. All I see is unbridled passion, the smoldering fire I’m swept under

With no strength to resurface. The sting of love has soused me with your affections,

Your kisses always welcome.

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