Thursday, September 15, 2005

Epiphany Belgian way


My wife and child have gone on a journey to Latin America, leaving me alone here to keep on working to maintain the family.  Although a necessity, the constant burden of loneliness has only become stronger by the day.  Therefore, I started building software for website interfaces.  I sat by the computer, typing and figuring out, looking for new techniques, until one day, I got tired.  Not in a physicial way, but in the motivational way.  Going to work every day from Leuven to Brussels didn’t make me tired, the never-ending discussions at work didn’t make me tired and not even the dreadful feeling of loneliness made me tired.  It was the simple realization of nothingness that made me tired.  What was I doing, making a website interface while I could be doing so many more things.  Why was I wasting seconds, hours and even days of my life on something not even my own?  And why am I doing this while my wife and child are not near me.  The message of nothingness is a call for action, an action to join them asap, take a plane and be a husband and a father.  And all this came out of writing a simple website interface.