Thursday, June 24, 2010


Category: Poetry/Lyrics

Searching for the green grass on the other side
But the hill’s too steep, you lack the energy to climb

Days and nights mesh into one blur of time
Attempting to find the days you’re in
But there’s nothing you feel inside

Unable to force a smile or grin
You realize the insignificance of the life that you’re in

Fall through the earth, think about where you are
Feel the rocks at the bottom, someone please carry me past the stars
Take me away from these people, feelings, my haunting scars
Pull me out of this ditch, just take me away to somewhere far

Nothingness eats at my insides, remaining even after these sins
That continually pass through me, going out after in

Find me, feel, hurt, take me
Fix the people I’ve pained in the past and recently
Since I couldn’t fix myself, there was no hope inevitably

Can you cry when I leave?
Pretend your life’s where you wish I remained, please?
I’m sorry for making you unhappy
I hope you forgive me after my soul’s been set free