Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exclusive Club Challenge

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Well, another brilliant creative literary idea I was having on the way up the stairs to my apartment has vanished into thin air. This really sucks.  By the time I got home, I had had to worry about losing my wallet in the course of opening the door after climbing a billion flights of stairs (because I just did that, climbed a billion flights of stairs, and lost my wallet, a few days ago, for the first time in my life, dammit), and about not letting the cats out (because I recently did accidentally let one of them out, but luckily it was the neutered one and he was hanging around outside in the morning).  This stuff happens, I know.

The reason I lost my wallet was that I was moving too fast in the dark with a bunch of groceries in my other hand, whilst trying to shut the cats in, whilst coming in myself; and the wallet must have fallen just outside, after I’d removed the key from the change part. 

Yes, I admit it.  It’s really because of a couple of duh personal issues, plus I was tired from endless work.  Anyway, plus the stairs.  OK also, to be frank, I had been talking with a bunch of Nigerians outside the corner store beside my house, and it IS the World Cup.  There are always a lot of Nigerians at the corner store, I don’t know why, but we always have interesting arguments.  I say, “You guys have a terrible reputation for e-mail fraud!”  and they say, “Not us!”  They seem, actually, like nice guys, more or less, but I can never figure out what they are doing outside the convenience store beside the entrance to my house in Cambodia.  On the other hand, they can’t figure out what I’m doing in Cambodia either.

The conversation probably inspired me.

So, cut me some slack.  Please.  Even though I lost my wallet a few days ago, I still had my key…I got into the apartment, after all… and I only lost $100 and the wallet itself. It could have been worse. I blame the cats.  Luckily, I have some friends; or else I am not clear on how I would have borrowed enough money to go get some of the money that I had left in the bank. (Never mind how much hassle THAT was.)

Who needs all THAT information?  Well, apparently, me.  I do.  Sorry.  So What I am wondering is, what on earth was it,  that was so good that I am now so sad that I have forgotten, on the way up the stairs, just now

As I got in the door just now, the cats were there, and I was thinking, “Don’t forget…” but the cats were very demanding (The female has been in heat all week and she sounds like a moose.  If you have never had a female cat in heat, you have no idea what a moose sounds like, take it from me), and I had to pee and placate the cats and make sure my wallet was OK.  I had not lost the brilliant literary idea I had just had on the way up the stairs, but still.  It was fading.  I was thinking, “At least you aren’t being complacent about your wallet anymore.”

Right.  You’re right.  By the time I got finished peeing and petting the cats and giving them food and stuff, I had forgotten whatever brilliant thing I was going to say on the way up the stairs.  I clutched at the remnant of the idea of it that I still had, and screamed, “Noooooo.”  Whereupon the remnant panicked and vanished, too. 

This is just typical. 

If I had a penny, even, for every brilliant thing I was going to say.  I might have a few bucks. Who knows???

You’re probably thinking, “Geeze, Julie, at least get that female cat spayed!”  And I agree with you.  It’s right there near the top of my list. Seriously.  “Mwahhhhh.”  Deep.  Throaty.  Mooselike.  Must get cat spayed.  Must get cat spayed.  Mwahhhh. 

Have you ever had a brilliant idea at the bottom of the stairs and forgotten it by the top of the stairs, what with one thing and another?  Well, if you have, let’s start a club.  You start.

Wanna?  You have to be very unlikely to remember this question in order to get into the club.

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