Friday, July 29, 2011

‘Faith’ Being Killed in Canada

Category: News, People Power

Our human values place life above most, if not all, things. Saving somebody’s life is the greatest act of humanity one can imagine. But in Ontario, Canada, one heroic canine figure is being put to death after she saved the life of a woman. Yes, you read it right—a dog is going to be killed despite that she saved a lady from dying and that thankful lady is more than ready to take her in. Yet the Ontario’s law, blind to all reason and compassion, wants the dog dead. 

KJ Mullins shared the story of Faith, a 10-month-old Pit Bull mixed-breed puppy, who came to rescue a 30-year-old lady Kalena Mallon after she passed out on roadside near her home in Brantford due to sudden attack of stroke. Lying in deadly danger of being crushed by any of the cars rushing along the road, the unconscious Mallon was ignored by strangers who saw her lying there. Then came this homeless puppy to stand by Mallon, protecting her from the danger of being hit to death while the cars rushed by, honking. This situation created a commotion and drew the attention of Mallon’ husband to come out and take his wife inside to revive her. While Mallon’s husband, who named the savior dog “Faith”, recalls the incident, he says that Faith must have come from heaven to save his wife. 

But then came the Ontario authorities when Mallon’s husband called the local SPCA and they told the family that being the breed she was, Faith wasn’t allowed to live in Ontario. Not only that, but she would be put to death if somebody outside Ontario didn’t adopt her soon. They took Faith away, not allowing the family to keep their benefactor. Now this innocent life-savior is waiting in Brantford’s SPCA for someone to save her from death at the hands of the race whose member she saved by endangering her own life.

Faith has 7 days to find a savior. She is a hero, an angel, and yet the barbarian laws of the ‘developed’ Canada, which invites scores of immigrants from around the world each year, will seize her life because they think there isn’t enough space on this planet for her to stand on. But will Faith’s death not be the murder of our faith in humanity? Will we ever be able to claim that we were kind to those who saved our families? Hardly imaginable! So let’s save Faith and prove ourselves more than mere beasts in a technological world.
Please write to the Mayor of Brantford (Email: cfriel at brantford.ca) and Brantford’s SPCA manager at brantcountyspca.com to spare the life of the savior who maybe saving more lives like Kalena Mallon in future. Also write to any/all media channels or sources that you can. Tell them that we still have to have Faith.

Remember, God made the world in 7 days. We humans, created in the image of God, can save a benefactor’s life in 7 days too. Let’s begin.

Thank you all!