Tuesday, December 12, 2006

“Fearing Fear Itself”

Byrom Hoover Bush was named after the great poet but since his mother with her uncontrolled smile thought the freakishly handsome club-footed George Gordon spelled his first name that peculiar way put those letters down to Byrom's forever chagrin; having to explain it away by blaming Saint Mary of the HolyVirgin hospital's incompetence. Byrom quit high school in his sophomore year. "And what do you propose to do?" his father asked. "Beee .. bee be a wwwrrr ... wrrr writer," he said. Years later he would be told by a Burywater speech therapist if he were to whistle before attempting to say consonants - indeed he would be forever cured of his speech impediment. The only library in Burywater closed due to "Portrait of an Artist ...." on its shelf, Byrom tried hanging around pool halls to learn the game his father played so well, calling it snooker, but for Byrom the balls escaped his cue tip much like the words fumbling from his mouth. In a few months, Byrom gave this goal up too and when he approached eighteen he asked his father permission to join the army and for five nights trying to discourage him, the father at supper talked about the only American soldier shot to death for cowardice, some "po-lock kid from Burywater" was how his father identified the young man who had told his superiors he was afraid but their manhood threatened asked Ike to sign the decree to kill the "dumb coward bastard" which Ike did as he would also do as president signing to death a mother and a father so threatened the country was of the "Red Menace". Both were lies: One about the kid from the Midwest and the Other about "the domino effect". "You see, I'm afraid, we had to shoot the po-lock to show our enemies we meant business. Ike had to kill the lamb to keep the sheep in line like the Bolsheviks did by killing the Czar and his family to instill fear in the White Russians who did flee in fear which by the by I believe was the only real revolution - if you pay no mind to those riffraff that tried to pull some off in many countries in Eighteen Forty eight when Bismarck, the Communist who instituted universal health care in Germany, for one slaughtered his riffraff to acquiescence! But mark my words, boy, we shall one day attain absolute power by killing a few thousand of our workers and our soldiers that will make the great Hitler look like a lost kindergartner searching for a classroom! Fear will in the eye of the pyramid manifest its domination over these people who have lost all their native intelligence - thank God!" his father added; hoping this would convince Byrom to give up his bad idea; concerned he would bring more shame on their good name that began in Old England; relatives to future so called leaders of a "free world" who would become presidents; one would become known as "the Great Decider" and would try to do more than even his hero, Hitler whom he would sneakily imitate when waving to the unwashed masses, tried to accomplish. He would try to put the whole world into his hip pocket like a big fat wallet. END 12-12-06
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