Friday, March 20, 2009

Forbidden Fruit

Category: Issue 14

The forbidden fruit glistens in the sun,
it is cursed and forgotten by man’s son.
The tools needed to reach it weigh a ton,
and lore claims that its nectar is poison.

I contemplate attaining my fruit prize,
it’s high among the boughs, to my surprise.
a slip of footing could be my demise,
and limited is my number of tries.

Oh woe to he who cannot taste the fruit,
the frustration he feels will be acute.
What a churlish fool, this resolute brute,
wasting his energy on things minute.

That’s why i try not to make the mistake.   
Desired fruit, i decide to forsake,
not taking part, all professed for love’s sake,
i’d rather solely of your love partake.

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