Monday, February 07, 2011

Give me strength

Category: Issue 22
I'm too smart to know how dumb I am
Or maybe I'm too dumb to realize I'm smart
Ever wonder where you stand?
I do.
Do more than wonder.
I feel lost in a world I thought I controlled.

Crying about it won't fix it.
Thinking I can fix it won't make it better.
So what?
Nothing. Not. A. Thing.

I high five.
I make ice cream.
I love and am loved.
But so what?

I'm afraid.
Never good enough.
Always gonna screw up.
Always weird, wrong, intimidated.
So what?

Something has to happen.
I have to happen.
Look past the scares
Take it upon myself
Because no one is gonna help me
Look past the screwing
And accept the mistakes
Accept them and say
Sorry I screwed up, sorry I'm fucked

You were right little buddy,
I was wrong
Lemme make it up to you
and help me be strong.

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