Sunday, February 08, 2009

Place: second place in Web Copy will be the Internet’s premier destination by compensating their members for their uploaded content, while offering a virtual experience encompassing all the Internet has to offer. After 12 years of research and development GlobalOrc opened, in mid January 2009 ,the beta stage, offering 100% free downloads of movies, television, radio, books, music and computer programs. Day by day the site will grow adding new features and links till the GlobalOrc portal is among the most important on the web. Some people may say high falutin thoughts could cause harm. I say visit the site, explore what it has to offer, and make an informed decision!
The Internet may be used for good or evil. By creating a portal where the users own the site this will make them more engaged, thus creating value for GlobalOrc.
Theft and copyright should always be respected because it is the artists and creators who are responsible for the progression of industry and commerce. Let the ruling Internet elite lose their grip of power and distribute it among the users of GlobalOrc. The world truly is flat.

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