Saturday, April 25, 2020

How To Acquire Anything In Life

Place: third place in Nonfiction

We are human beings, not every time we can be strong. Sometimes we can be strong, and sometimes we feel so much depressed. It depends on our emotional situation.
In those days, when we have no motivation to do anything, a few disappointing questions that usually arrive are, why this to me? Why can’t I? Why me?
A long time ago, I was searching for such questions when I was not familiar with the secret to success that I disclosed on my blog.
We all believe that we are precious, we are kind-hearted and we deserve respect. But not every time we can achieve it. So we get sad.
In such situations, I found the truth for all those who suffer from such situations. I have found that we always deserve whatever is happening to us.
And one of the most disappointing things is that we usually can’t make significant money. We start believing is money isn’t the thing that we deserve, and money isn’t the thing for which we are born. That’s not true. That’s just an illusion.
There is nothing for which we are not born; there is nothing that we can’t achieve.
The only secret to disclose anything is to learn it. - Junaid Raza
Until we don’t learn something, it remains a magical thing, and as we learn it, it becomes our power.
That’s true; your net worth depends on your self-worth.
If you aren’t making much money if you don’t have many friends, if you couldn’t finish your book, if you couldn’t get her, whatever is happening to you is because of your self-worth. You only acquire whatever you deserve, and you can earn anything if you work on your self-improvement.
If you want to make huge money, learn it if you wish to get famous, learn it, whatever you want to disclose, just learn it, and it will become your power.