Friday, February 06, 2009

How to save the American Automobile industry

Place: fifth place in PR

Sports Vehicle Partnership

Each major city in the U.S has a professional Football, Baseball and Basketball team. Many of these sports fans own cars and they decorate their car to show their support or pride. This is done by Painting their car with the team colors and logo, bumper stickers, signs in the window, etc-etc
I propose that their be a corporate sponsorship and partnership between sports teams and auto manufacturers.
Suppose Ford Motors had an exclusive contract to offer an official N.Y. Yankee edition vehicle. This would include an interior with the N.Y. Yankee logo etched in the leather seats and other small inclusions. (i.e. - hubcaps with the NY Yankee logo.)
This system could be put in place with every sports team in every city.
This would give the Selected Auto Manufacturer a distinct edge over the competition, considering the fanatic fan base of the major sports teams.
Ultimately, the selected Auto Manufacturer would have a monopoly on the engaged sports fan demographic.
In the U.S the most popular sports are Football, Baseball, Basketball and NASCAR.
In the rest of the world soccer is almost a religion.
Basically, a diplomatic broker is needed to join the sports industry with the American automobile industry and everyone will win.
Each sports team will have their own line of cars just by lending their name.

• Ford Motors signs an exclusive contract with MLB, NFL, NBA and Nascar
• Each sports team would be paid a share (licensing fee) based on how their car model sells.
• The sports team would earn revenue and increase brand awareness without any risk or outlay of money
• The Auto Manufacturer will increase their bottom line with a sports themed televised advertising campaign