Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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Slowly and steadily finessing by long the lane,
Musk reeking stench and moss overgrown stiff;
The gates praying peace, rusted grudge to let thro’
The haze as it musters past the lengths of mortar.

As the pallid orb pries to look; o’er the cowering oaks,
Clouds move serenely as the dark shadows unveil; 
The eerie silence cold; august winds whiff past;
The dingy bats sound shrill amidst the pallor.

Viverrines scamper for cover, owls all melancholy;
With feathery gait the ghost passes in tranquility;
Towards the yellow light which grows taller,
Towards a faint outline of a castle of the land.

A morbid sigh escapes him, trailing wisps,
As he glanced at the tower so high and still;
Across the ravine darkened with hollow wails,
And all pallid and bereft was he, over the cleft.

Hours past and dawn ploughs as she stuttered blindly up,
Not the timbre nor the plover’s chirp proving respite,
Misery mocked myriads her senses, like a knave;
As she thought of him, her lost love, in the world bygone.

The sun broke through the now evanescing darkness,
As the dead heart pained so true, love the victor;
The apparition felt itself fading through the rays fast,
As it stayed longing for one fleeting glance of its lady love.

And as she sat rubbing her weary eyes she felt it,
The whelming emotion that swept her thro’, senses tingling;
She danced upon the floor and skidded to the window pane,
As despondency writ large at the mundane images she saw.

For one deceitful moment, one deceptive glance foretold,
Was he, sojourn with madness for her-self, as he cast upon,
Her longing eyes thronging for his visage everywhere,
He the dead and living; she the living yet dead- he the quenched.

He felt the auburn mire sinking beneath his hold,
As he stared into her, time playing parsimony;
Yet his spirits lifted, his spirits the only thing left,
As he felt himself carried away, his dead wish finally true. 


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