Wednesday, March 30, 2011

IRS Form CO69

Category: Issue 22

This is a proposal, and it may need to be undertaken by the public and supported by juries before it is honored by our governments.  I have written this proposal for the federal government, but it should be relatively easy to adapt it to state and local governments.  This is Conscientious Objector Form 69, a standard mechanism through which taxpayers can avoid paying for programs to which they have conscientious objections.

Because I have children and believe that our federal government will take me away from them if I lead the way in using this form, I can’t do it.  I think it’s a great idea, and I’m looking for information on how the brave citizens who use it can prepare for the attack on them from the IRS that may result from filing form CO69.

The form consists of the following seven fields.  You may use more than one form.

Line 1, Source: Enter the document from the government that you used for your amounts.

Line 2, Explanation: If the revenue department of your country offers a code for explanations, you can use the code.  Otherwise, enter an explanation of how you used the source document to gather the amounts entered in the next three fields

Line 3, Total Expense: Enter the total of what the government spent, according to the source document listed in Line 1.

Line 4, Unsupported Expense: Enter the total spent by the department, branch, or program which you do not support, according to the source document listed in Line 1.

Line 5, Unsupported Percentage: Divide Line 4 by Line 3 and multiply by 100.

Line 6, Your Total Tax: Enter your Total Tax (line 60 on the 2010 form 1040)

Line 7, Tax Credit: Divide Line 6 by 100 and then multiply by Line 5

On tax return (Line 53 of your 1040), you would include the sum of all the Line 7 amounts from your various CO69 forms.  It seems that checkbox C and the line following it can be used for this; just enter CO69 on the line and enter the sum of the line 7 entries (plus any amount from the 3800 or 8801 form), and don’t forget to attach the C)69 forms to your return.