Monday, September 26, 2005

Israel and Palestine

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I don’t think the leaders of Israel or Palestine really buy into the idea that the two kinds of people should each have their own separate spaces. Nowadays, everyone knows that mixing people together for diversity generally produces more variety and health - unless they are stupid protectionist people, which most are not.

So I’m beginning to believe that the reason each “state” - Israel and Palestine - wants whatever parts of the West Bank and Gaza they can get is to collect the tax revenue. Even if they don’t realize this, think about how the details of real estate transactions and utility providers and law enforcement affect the chain of governmental departments for each state. The people at the top might think that this is about sovereignty of one kind of people or another, but looking down through the chain of command in government structures, you can see that such a view pales in comparison to the combined will of all heads of government bureaucracies to maintain and increase tax revenue.

Rulers of all types use race, religion, economics, charity, protectionism, and all other emotionally charged subjects merely as tools to increase and direct the flow of tax money.  I cannot blame them though, because most of them believe in the things they use.  What is important to me in analyzing news is to consider who earns resources and who spends them.  Tax revenue is the glaring example of money being spent by people who do not earn it, and I see it as a root cause of much grief.

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