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It’s Official.  Everyone is either crazy or stupid.

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I have what most people would call a bad temper, an irrational thought process, a way of looking at the world that’s askew from the norm.  I don’t disagree with them.  I do however defend my actions and more often my reactions by referring only to the growing problem of human stupidity.  It’s a disease that seems to be spreading out of control.  It’s a very dangerous one because more often than not it isn’t fatal.  That’s unfortunate because the only way to kill the disease of stupidity most of the time is to kill the host human.  Although there are some rare cases of stupidity being cured.  Usually by opening one’s eyes to the world around you.  Sounds easy but it isn’t.  Let me give you some examples of recent cases in which the disease of stupidity has had drastic effects. 

1. United States vs. Arizona - Unless you live under a rock you’ve been unable to avoid hearing this story.  Arizona, tired of the federal government not doing it’s job in protecting the Mexican border, drafted a law making it illegal to be…...well…illegal.  Wait.  What?  How was that not already a law?  Well guess what?  It was.  All Arizona really did was say they would start enforcing the law that the federal government stopped enforcing years ago.  Now the United States federal Government is all but hurt and saying “heyyyyy!, that’s our job”  and all the immigrant rights groups are saying “heyyyyyyy! But we like it here”  I live in Los Angeles and teice over the last few months I couldn’t get to work because idiots were protesting an Arizona Law in front of the Government building in Los Angeles.  Somebody needs a geography lesson.  There are so many things about this situation that are stupid.  First of all, Arizona should have shut the hell up and just did it.  Don’t tell anybody your doing it, just do it.  You know what, when i get pulled over by a cop I get asked for an ID too.  And if I don’t have one I’m in trouble.  So whats the difference?  People on the immigration side say it’s going to be abused and i agree, but the cops that would abuse that privilege already are.  Phoenis was averaging a kidnapping per day in 2009 directly related to the drug and people trafficking that exists there because of it’s proximity to the border.  I’d say that gives them the right.  I say that the fact that it has always been illegal to enter the country illegally gives them the right.  And I think that Mayer Villarigosa of Los Angeles is an absolute assface.  Boycott Arizona to show our solidarity.  Your not showing mine homeboy.  I’m not anti Mexican either, nor am I a racist and i get extremely agitated when I get lumped into the racist category because i think Arizona has a right to protect it’s own border with mexico.  That is the single biggest reason why we will never be able to overcome the immigration problem.  Minority groups just play the race card every time it comes up.  They do that because they have no other argument.  They know that there isn’t another country in the world that allows people unchecked across the border.  Not even the countries they are coming from would allow me an american to sneak in without it being considered illegal.  So they say that all those that are in favor of controlling the border are racist.  Why?  Stupidity is a disease that pays no attention to race or color.  Until we put aside the race card and really discuss the issue like the evolved species that we are the problem will persist until The united States of America become the United States of Latin America. 

If you are in support of Arizona’s decision to protect themselves don’t be afraid to say it.  Your not a racist, well not just because of that anyway, you may also be a racist but thats besides the point.  here are some other things you can do. 
              a. Vacation in Arizona - Sedona is especially nice
              b. Support Arizona based business - buy a fender Strat, invest with Scottrade, take a greyhound bus, get a website through godaddy, shop at petsmart, eat at P.F. Changs, all these businesses have head quarters in Arizona. 

If your against the Arizona law thats ok too but here are some things you can do to avoid pissing everyone else off. 

              A. Do not block traffic in Los Angeles, specifically around the federal building on Wilshire because when you do that you do not attract people that will support you, you will turn people away from you.  And I will be late for work which will enrage me.
              B.  Turn your own private home into a sanctuary for illegal aliens.  That would be a very nice thing for you to do.  And I’m sure you won’t have any problems or issues with that. 
              C. Start a side business as a Coyote, thats a person that assists illegals in their entry into the united states, usually involves some kidnapping etc but hey your helping the people right?
              D.  Move the hell out of America - you obviously don’t like it anyway.

2.  BP vs.  The gulf of mexico - I have a hard time even thinking about this anymore letting alone writing about it.  It was stupid to allow BP the freedom to drill in the gulf in the first place, it was stupid to not check up on them to make sure they were being safe, they were stupid for not being safe, they are stupid for not being able to figure out how to stop it but the real award for the most stupidest of them all goes to the people of the gulf coast region.  Congratulations you are really friggin stupid!!  Because your pushing to continue drilling even though your shoreline and fishing industry has been destroyed.  I could not believe this when i read it.  They are so stupid that i honestly have a hard time feeling bad for them anymore.  This is a classic example of how stupidity takes control of peoples brains leaving them unable to make even the most obvious decisions.  If we could contain the damage to the area that the stupid live i would say let it go, let them have their oil.  But it can’t every drop that leaks into the ocean effects the entire planet and if one more Rush limbaugh quoting asshole says it’s organic whats the big deal I’m gonna drown in a pool of burning oil.  This is finally something that most of the rest of the country agrees is a terrible thing.  Am I a racist because I’m against oil in the ocean?  Maybe I’m racist against the british.  Maybe the british are getting us back for taking America for ourselves.  But I digress, what needs to happen now is all the corporate bigwigs at BP need to have their salaries revoked and put all that money towards fixing this correctly.  The snotty CEO of BP should actually be forced to step down along with all the other people that have failed to protect us from their greed. 

As usual i like to make a few suggestions to those that really want to feel helpful:

    a. Stop driving big ass trucks, buy a hybrid, stop buying plastic water bottles, recycle, reduce your carbon footprint, in general own up to the fact that this is partially our fault for needing oil so much.
    b. Do not vacation in the Gulf Coast and if you know someone from there try to convince them how stupid they are and that drilling for oil isn’t the only thing saving their lives it’s actually destroying them. 
    c.  Donate or volunteer for organizations that are actively helping such as www.seasherpherd.org

Please people, vaccinate yourself from stupidity by reading and staying informed.  pass on what you read to others and help them stay protected against this terrible disease.  A disease that can kill us all if it goes unchecked.  Use some common sense occassionaly and try to see stories from both sides.  Think about your decisions and your actions well before you do them.  An d if you realize that you are one of the stupid ones, that is the first step in finding a cure.  Good luck and keep on learning.

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