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Just Me and You: A Poem

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There’s nothing quite as magical as finding passion unexpectedly, throwing yourself under the spell of some potential great love. There is no thrill in the world like those associated with the joys and wonders of romantic possibilities consuming your every thought, stealing away your breath. The following is a poem about encountering just such a thrill, one like you might find in any dance hall, night club, or anywhere for that matter. Put yourself in the room, as the music steals the night, creating a mood by milking the sadness from the night stars. You’re all alone even though you are in a room full of people, distraught by your loneliness, when you spy that special someone who instantly steals your heart. The heightened sensations that rob your body of its reason take over as you inhale the possibilities of happiness, the uncertainty of outcome titillates you. In a nutshell, it’s what makes life great, the roller coaster ride of romance and possibility! Read on…

Just the other night, I saw you standing there
Swaying to the music
Lights gleaming in your hair.
I felt fantastic vibes when I saw you turn around
I felt the earth moving and the skies came tumbling down.
Found your face so fair
I wanted you
Hoped you might care.

Come on, honey, move a little closer, feel that beat so fine.
Lay your head here on my shoulder, please try out some sweet line
Let our bodies move together
Let us share this magic time
Keep on moving to the music, keep on moving all the time.

Everything about you pleases me,
It’s wonderful to come alive.
I know I’ve found my rainbow’s end,
True gold shines in your eyes.
Is this fantasy or a reality? Is this real or just a jive?
Am I victim of my illusion, entrapped by a grand delusion?
It’s a lonely night honey, we may find love if we dare,
Move a little closer, show me just how much you care.

Everyday would be a new beginning, with you here by my side
In every way I will be winning, with you to turn the tide.
It’s so nice to have you close to me,
Because you set the mood
Love is all around us, passion exists unsubdued.

The saxophones are sobbing, exhaling midnight air
Won’t you hold me oh so close and make believe that you really care,
Your love is like the breath of spring
Refreshing and so new,
Your tender kiss says everything,
It thrills me through and through.

A magic spell surrounds us and it feels so heavenly
If you asked for my heart tonight, I’d give it willingly.
For we belong together, I know that much is true

For ever and forever, whatever,
Let it be just me and you

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