Friday, March 23, 2007

Legacy of War

Category: Issue 6, Poetry/Lyrics Winners

Clouds gather on the horizon
Like thick smoke
Rolling over a battlefield
When the cannons have gone silent
And the twisted dead
Lie frozen and grotesque
Littering the bloody ground
Like leaves in the fall
Brothers fathers sons
Fighters lovers dreamers
Heaped against fences
By the fierce winds of battle
Of greed
Of patriotic zeal
Of blind stupidity
Of arrogance and pride
They fought so bravely
They almost took the hill
The hill?
Who the hell cares about a hill?
Do the fathers mothers sisters brothers children
Of these dead men give a rat’s ass about a hill?
They will miss the laughter
They will miss the heart-to-heart
They will miss the conversations
The plans
The dreams
The love
The clouds move on
If you listen closely
You can hear it
The sobbing of the ones left alone
And the anguished wailing
Of the dead

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