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Litmocracy’s Baby

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‘‘So…Where should I put it?’’ I asked Don after sitting down to Litmocracy.

‘‘Put it in Life, I think’’ he said.

Life…yeah, well, that makes sense, doesn’t it? Because really, that’s what it’s all about. Life, and where it leads us, and how it starts and grows and lives. And yes, before you tell me I’m being redundant, life does live…so long as we choose to live it, that is.

My life started about 7 years ago. I don’t mean my life as a human being, as the division of cells that eventually produced a small premature baby (although a cute one, once my eyelashes came in). I mean I was alive, grew up and learned, made mistakes and collected stuff along the way that prepared me for the life that was awaiting me down the line…but my life, the real one, the one in which my eyes are open, my heart willing to be bruised and loved, the life in which I finally feel alive, the one I choose to live fully…that life started when I stumbled one day, bored out of my mind, unto Litmocracy.

Don’s been writing about this for a while, inserting here and there in newsletters snippits of what Litmocracy has done for both of us, and, I believe, for people around us as well. I’m not talking about this movie-like love story crap, although our story certainly contains a lot of love, and would be history without it. It wasn’t a fairy tale, it wasn’t always easy, it wasn’t always pretty, but it was, and is, OUR life, the one we both choose to live, for better or for worse. And whatever obstacles we had, have and will have to get through, it’s a good life, and we owe it all to Litmocracy.

We met here, talked here, exchanged ideas, debated concepts and created stuff here. We spun a tight friendship and collaborative web that eventually led to us meeting in person. And even though we had to cross a border and travel 800 miles of highway and interstate each way, we kept coming for more. We fell in love, or, I guess, we finally recognized that we had been, and life began.

And now another life has begun.

That of the union of two Litmocracy members. May I present the very first picture of the very first Litmocracy baby:

Litmock Baby Waving to the World

So yeah, in about 5 months we’ll get to say hi in person, and I can’t wait…but in the meantime, lives need to be lived, and kids need to be loved, and memories need to be written in the big book of Life. So the world doesn’t stop turning, in other words, it just turns a little heavier for this Litmock member smile

He or she is an active little booger in any case. First hiccuping, then sucking his/her thumb, then doing somersaults as the nurse was trying to take measurements. It was soon obvious that our little demon was making her task a lot more difficult than usual and Don and I had to suppress giggles as she twisted the ultrasound thingamagig this way and that, poking my belly every which way, trying to find a head as elusive as a jackalope. I would have laughed right out loud if it wasn’t for the fact that I was sporting an already uncomfortably full bladder and I was afraid of making matters worse by losing its contents on the exam table.

This one promises to be a handful, albeit an intelligent and creative one. Which may sound great, but can also definitely be a dangerous combination.

Whale, time will tell… In the meantime, I hope all is well with Litmocracy peeps everywhere, and we’ll keep you updated.

- Star

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