Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Category: People Power

It was a mission, one of the most bloodless, yet most compulsive acts of redeeming the oppressed. I had seen her a few days before and since then I had this on my mind. Returning from breakfast, I spotted her again, in the very same condition, carrying the very same symbol of cruelty inflicted on her. Now was the time. So I took my revolutionary tool (you can see it in the picture) and stepped out. 

This spirited little bragging is about the homeless dog I saw a few days back, carrying a cord around her, the one made of plastic and commonly tied around confectionary boxes. Somebody had tied it around her neck, apparently some brat in a failed attempt to drag it along and keep it as a slave. With its humble look on its innocent, friendly face, I knew what I had to do. In a culture where dogs are generally considered untouchable (and homeless dogs always so), I was going to cut open the cord tied around the victim’s neck, and free it from the symbol of slavery.

I took the pair of scissors from my residence and walked out, hoping to find it again. There it was – lying out a shop along the road, basking in sun. Without anything called “the world” on my mind’s screen, I approached the dog. I sat by its side and it welcomed me by wagging its tail. I felt the cord around and was appalled. It had been tied so tightly that the poor thing must have been going through a hell of time, literally. I felt around the cord where to possibly make some space between the neck and the cord in order to cut it off.

It was at the throat where I felt I could do it. And so I did. Mission accomplished! The dog stood up quickly in relief, waging its tail and looking at me. Returning her thankful look with a smile, I stood up and walked back to my office, the scissors still in my hand. No more chains! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!