Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Category: Issue 1, Life Winners

I like being naked
It’s a lot of fun
Who doesn’t like being naked?
I think there’s something wrong with people who don’t like it
It’s natural to be naked
Very refreshing and freeing
People are way too uptight about it these days and that’s not healthy
When you’re uptight about something you repress feelings related to it
Repression creates obsession and that’s when things get scary
The naked body is beautiful
Male, female, skinny, fat, athletic, and any color
I like looking at people when they’re naked and I think that’s a good thing
It’s not just a sexual thing, either
It’s the shape of the body
the curves and lines of it
The differences in color here and there
The fact that there’s no two alike
Sure, there’s times when nudity is sexual
I think that’s separate from what I’m talking about
It’s the feelings and instincts and emotions we attatch to the situation that makes the difference
The way I look at my lover is completely different from the way I look at a nude sculpture or painting
or even someone standing naked on the a rooftop with a backdrop of a sunrise of clouds that look like boiling fire
But that one’s just me digging up fond old memories
Being naked is beautiful
Be naked
Be beautiful

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