Thursday, May 23, 2013

Naploean’s Maxims My Ass….

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

Sitting on the couch,
Comfortable inside rented skin,
I watch the cord crawl up the wall,
From the end of the lamp, beyond naked bulb…

Surfing channels like 1940’s cops,
Listening to radio shows thinking they owned the world,
Or 70’s Dads who put the kids away after TV dinners,
So they could watch the Movie of the Week in peace,
I realize something every sucker before me figured out,
Just before the plug was pulled.

To hell with the high ground,
To hell with the H bomb or A bomb or smart bomb
Or whatever bomb it is they parade around today,
They don’t need any of it to defeat me or you,
They just need to unplug us all with the flip of a switch,

And watch us drown in darkness.

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