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No More Blues In My Soul

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At some point in life, we all lose in love. Whether it’s that first crush that breaks us, or it’s puppy love or it’s the real deal that introduces us to the blues, to live is to love and to love is to lose. Losing at love hurts to the core. They say it is “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all,” but when you’ve got the blues, that saying doesn’t help the pain much. But getting the pain all out does, sharing the pain with others does, and there’s no better way to get the pain out or to commiserate than to sing or hear the blues. So to all those that have loved and lost, here’s my heartfelt pain so we can share it and get better, move on to better places. So sit back, turn down the lights, put those shades on and lets get rid of those blues!

The night is still young and there’s nothin’ to do
But sit around and waste my time, just waiting for you.
Time is too important to waste on any one thing
But for you I waste time like a clock with a broken spring.

It’s just another night, like so many others,
I keep playing the same old songs.
Deep down I know that the feeling’s gone
Something’s been wrong for far too long.
I called your home but you weren’t there
I searched for you, looked almost everywhere,
Again the night has come and I’m in despair
Because I know somehow you’ve gone away.

My friends keep sayin’ to me, open up your eyes and see
How he’s making a fool out of you.
Yes, he’s everything you ever dreamed of, except true
Now, wait a minute, I said:
“You’re out of your mind,
Our love’s so real, it could never die.”
But even then I knew deep down inside…
that you’ve been lying to me all the time.

My friends keep sayin’ to me, girl you’re so naive
Hanging onto dreams that are dead and bone dry
You’re so blinded by his talk and his charm
You better wake up because life’s passing you by.
Just dry those tears and come back to life
Truth is, if what they say is really true,
Then I’ve been wasting my life and my time over you.

I loved you but you left me for somebody new,
Now I hate you for leaving and being untrue
I must get over the feelings I’ve developed for you
Can’t wait forever baby, Time to find somebody new.
You’ll never toy with my heart in this life again
The pain you’ve caused me still lives deep within.
I’m through with hurting behind these tearful eyes
I can’t fake keeping a love alive once it’s died.

I hope a hurting is laid on you because you’ve done me wrong!
I don’t want you back here ever knockin’ on my door!
Don’t you think that I’ll be waiting like I always have before.
I just won’t believe your lies so please don’t even try!
Let me tell you honey, I won’t play the fool anymore,
That’s right I won’t play the fool anymore.

Don’t you ever toy with my heart again
The pain you’ve caused me still breathes deep within,
I’m through with hurting behind tearful eyes
I just can’t fake keeping a love alive once it’s died.
At one time I thought that your love was so true,
but now you have left me alone and confused,

I’m packing my bags, taking the first train that leaves the station,
I’ve had enough of sadness, enough pain and frustration.
Oh, there’s a great big world out there and
I’m gonna find me someone who cares
That’s right baby, I’m gonna find me a real man.
I’m gonna take from him whatever I can get.

It won’t be more or less, I will choose what is best
And I’ll live like I’ve never lived before
I’ll find me another man who will love me as much as he can,
No more blues in my soul or taking my life like pure gold,
No more blues, no more blues in my soul.

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