Sunday, July 07, 2013

Oh Prometheus

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Oh the folly of your ways,
You look ahead but see behind,
For your brother looks that way,
But you, you should be so kind.

You send innocents to the knife,
And stand awash in their blood;
The stones of sacrifice end life,
Why not another Noah’n flood?

You saw the spark from steel on stone
And stole that power for your kin,
You saw but, aside on your own
And watched as built, from other’s skin.

Athena was the creative one,
But saw it as, a province of thine
To begin myths and w’ Hephaestus run,
To mould from the clay, men so fine.

Upon the rocks you’re now bound,
And feed the birds for all time;
On liver, to regrow all ‘round,
For ever, Beelzebub’s sublime.

And from below, the fires of hell;
Lick at the souls, of your feet;
For a time of no end, a permanent spell;
Over and over, a wish for God’s fleet.

Cry of endless pain and guilt,
And rile against the strength of Zeus;
You ask of Athena, a fireproof quilt;
But for you ‘tis too late, Prometheus!

© Michael Walsh 2012

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