Sunday, September 18, 2011

Origin of Species: Q and A

Category: Conversations

Q: Who made the computer?
A: Humans, I think.
Q: Who made humans?
A: They evolved from earlier primates?
Q: Where did earlier primates come from?
A: From earlier animals?
Q: And they appeared from nowhere?
A: No, they kept appearing from earlier ones.
Q: Where did life start from?
A: From inorganic stuff that was part of this planet.
Q: Where did that stuff come from?
A: Well, it had been evolving, like life, from the early stream of particles after a big bang created the universe we live in.
Q: And how come a big bang?
A: Science doesn’t know, but religion says god did it all.
Q: And what does religion say about who created god?
A: Nobody created god.
Q: Who created nobody?
A: It’s lunch break. Let’s enjoy the snacks!