Thursday, February 27, 2020

Philip Haney’s Killing and The Need for UnAssociated Press


The killing of Philip Haney, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower, in California the past Friday was treated as a prohibited topic in leftist media industry—which means virtually all mainstream media outlets. Their silence is defeating and intimidating.

The story on Washington Examiner and other non-leftist media sources implicitly point to Haney’s 2016 testimony that the DHS ordered the deletion and alteration of hundreds of intelligence records on Islamic terrorists that operated on or targeted the United States as an important connection to his death due to a gunshot wound. If pursued, this could be yet another mother-of-fall-scandals story that could land high Obama admin officials, at least those at the DHS, or even Obama himself in jail for life.

But for this post, the focus will be on media’s role in covering up for the crimes of the Obama administration against America and its people.

Propaganda media mobs brainwash, or try to brainwash, their audiences with the selective reporting—routinely including lies, manipulative language, and twist-and-turns on “facts”. They also trick people into thinking what topics are important to know or talk about. And this in turn employs selectivity, quite heavily and constantly. Hence the ever-increasing need for independent searching for news and consulting as many different media “unassociated” outlets as possible.

By “unassociated” I here mean platforms that do not share the same ideology/agenda/worldview. For example, in my blog about Haney’s killing I named CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, ABC News, MSNBC, CBS, The Hill, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Time magazine, and Newsweek as some of the mainstream leftist propaganda outlets that went mum on the story. They, along with dozens of others, make an association of their own—officially an undisclosed but publicly obvious association that serves the Democrat establishment.

The association between political groups and media groups is nothing new but with the increasing role of social media and more “independent” sources like the blogosphere in our daily lives, it’s becoming more difficult for propaganda media mobs to continue these cover-ups and get away with it all. Our better/best chance for now to avoid being turned into agenda zombies is to take long “walks” around the associated and “unassociated” press—thus get a better picture.

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