Saturday, April 06, 2013

Princess Louisa and Lord Michael of Everwood

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Princess Louisa and Lord Michael of Everwood

Whisper my name,
Gently breath me into you;
A beat, your heart shall miss;
A gentle ripple, shall your soul caress.
Call me, and unto you I shall come;
Close your eyes and wish it be;
I will hear, and be with you;
Into my arms, I shall draw you;
And hold you close.

If our passion begets us:

Into each other, our bodies shall melt;
Where my skin ends, yours shall begin;
Yet no seam, will there be.
As your breath leaves you, I shall draw it into me;
The air we shall share; gently in, gently out;
And forever inside, each other’s scent we shall hold.

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