Friday, June 06, 2008


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Once upon a time, there was ME.  However, it didn’t know that, at the time.  Things seemed nice, though, and nothing was too scary.  Sometimes you could get into Difficulties, for Doing Things Wrong.  Eventually, after awhile, it, ME, figured out not to do certain things or there would be trouble. 

Almost immediately, as soon as it knew anything (and before it even knew it was Me) it started to like animals.  Animals had a sense of humour and didn’t seem to care too much about most of the stuff that it, ME, I, could get in trouble for.  This person that was ME, who had not quite recognized itself yet, got along alright with the dog.  The moment that it recognized itself as MYself, it was, in fact, talking to a dog.

“It’s MINE.”  (I don’t remember saying this, but the dog would, if he were still alive.)  This was about some object, perhaps a ball. 

“OK sure,” said Patch, the German Shepherd.  “Go ahead and have it, then.” 


There was a moment there when something was given, which could not be given unless there were two of us. 

How I realized that there were more than one of us, how I realized that I was even there in the world.  ME.  Because a dog, holding a ball in his mouth, might drop it before ME,  like a patient uncle, and wait for ME to see. 

Somehow by sheer luck I have been blessed with the experience of puppyhood. 

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