By maxdave19 on 2018 04 27

Yes, drones are trending everywhere. The time this post was published no one knew that we will be surrounded by drones 6 years later. I have included 3 drones to have in 2018. The list concerns the people living in Australia but you can check it out if it helps someone.
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By lior146 on 2018 03 21

Honestly don’t even know how I ended up on your article, Miriam.

Couldn’t sleep for hours and desperately searching google for anything that could help.

I do try all of those things, but I think for sure the one that I simply can’t fix is “i” - thinking about things.

Do you have any more advice on how to stop this thinking, that part wasn’t so clear to me.

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By habibbeeb on 2018 01 13

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By Simon kattey on 2018 01 11

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By Essaid Elkadiri on 2017 12 26

Well Explained Article!!

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By Richard Brown on 2017 08 25

Drones are such a useful device. they are so much fun to use and it’a great achievement of Pakistan that they have developed their own drone technology.

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By Go Bowling Alley on 2017 08 24

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By Go Bowling Alley on 2017 08 24

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By Jack Smith on 2017 04 25

I can very well relate to your situation. I would like to share my experience as well, if you allow.

There was a time in life when I also had faced similar issues, where my life was turning to a pressure cooker. There were times when I used to feel so down that I used to sweat even during my sleep, thinking what would happen in the future (though it feels funny when I think about it now).

And I think the best solution to the whole problem, and you have phrased that perfectly: “The thing is, we can’t let anxiety, fear and hysteria overwhelm us, because that just makes things worse”. I cannot agree more.

I think the key to happiness & prosperity in life is to take full responsibility of our lives. We have to realize that it is us who needs to take control of our life, no one from ether would suddenly appear, wave a magic wand & take away all our stress and worries. We need to do whatever it takes to beat fear & stress, whether adopting positive outlook to life, PMA, reading books, meditation, whatever that helps.

Another great thing that life has taught me is that every problem comes not to obstruct us, but rather to instruct. I think we all need to be more optimistic & look for the good in every bad. What do you think??

PS: And sorry about your towing situation, my brother runs a small towing company, I can understand your pain smile

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By 12mimi22 on 2017 01 05

Thank you so much for your comment. Till this day I have not been able to replace Buddy.
That is how much he meant to me. Thank you once again for expressing your sincere feelings.

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