Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Here I lie on the bed with my eyes closed against the moonlight’s glow,
Closed against the neon luster in my mind.
Here I sleep with you.
Here I lie on the bed with my eyes open against the bitter darkness of my closed eyes;
Here I wake with you, but, here, you are not.

Thoughts spill and fill my mind as I pretend to breathe the air you breathe,
As I pretend to hide my love from sinner’s eyes;
Pretend to hide myself from the world


I remember our past world together;
I remember how the distance cuts
(like the blade of a knife)
between me and you.

Oh how I can see such soft feathers dancing in your wake;
Oh how I can hear such soft thoughts speaking to my mind . . . 
They whisper . . .
Whisper your name to me

And I let you go. . .

I release the tension after all these lost years;
I set you free and become aware of the tears that sting
At night, with my eyes wide closed, in the silence,
As your light flutters like a shadow that I
See in all shades of night - your beauty, your smile,
Your nature storms me like my
Wasted time I spent with you, and
My solitary becomes eroded,
And yet still . . . still I pray for chances
I know will never be again.

Lost love fills the essence of my heart, of my sorrow,
and conscious facts, known only to me, defeat my inner self
As I become uneasy with myself, with the failure
You have now so fiendishly handed down to me,
and I know that all I’ve once known, I now have lost
As I turn away from our past, as I shade my eyes from the sun,
As I lose myself in the dreams we had known and shared,
While insanity creeps, creeps stealthily without you . . .
Here I face the torture of my unforgiving mind.

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