Thursday, April 04, 2013

Should I To You

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

Should I love you as a biting salt laden wind lashing and dashing Ireland’s Cliff of Moher;
Or a gentle summer time breeze wispering through the Spanish Moss of Carolina’s Sycamore?

Should I talk to you with the force and rumble of bright lightning’s voice;
Or the gentle wisper of death’s meanderings ‘round headstones where the living have passed?

Should I hold you as tightly as a bear, not to let escape the prey so harshly caught;
Or should I cup you gently in my hands as eggs freshly gathered from the feathered nest?

Should I look upon you with the loving gaze at Pygmalion’s statue;
Or as a feeling creature of your own who can gaze back with love in her eyes?

Should I think of you as a possession, one for me to keep and do with as I will;
Or should I cherish you as one who is free to come and go , but stays to fulfill?

Should I look down upon you with anger in times of a small transgression;
Or should I see the perfection in imperfection, and look with love, but not possession?