Friday, December 13, 2013

Silence and The Child Wihin

Place: 21st place in Creative Writing


Michael Walsh

Silence and The Child Inside

Suddenly I Be, inside of she;
Comfort rocking, cocoons me.
Gently rolling, lap and be;
Sing serenades, lullaby’s sea.

A gentle hush at night time’s fall
Her heart beats, a blessed call
My spirit grows, mind ‘comes tall;
Wondrous, being in life enthral.

Such awful pain! The ride begins.
A journey starts, free of sins.
Then to meet with new found kin;
He and She? Oh painful din.

Cold! Bright! Body shivering;
Sobbing, crying, lower lip quivering.
Hungry, thirsty, stomach rumbling
Mother’s breast, gently calling.

So long ago, much gone by;
That child inside, will never die.
Tears gone, no more to cry;
Life is gone now, bye and bye.

The light does now, begin to dim.
I have answered for my sin.
Soft surrounding, by my kin;
Gone from me, the wretched din.

The hearing, always last to go;
Dampens slowly, peace bestow.
Body soon, will be down low;
The silence now, begins to grow.

Cocooned again, another’s womb;
God blessed my life, for Heaven groom.
Angels waltz me to my room
Blessed Silence, be my tomb.

©Michael Walsh 2013 All Rights Reserved

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