Saturday, April 07, 2012

Some Like It Hot (1959)

Category: Reviews

Some Like It Hot “Some” means Tony Curtis (as Josephine) and Jack Lemmon (as Geraldine, or Daphne, given Lemmon’s pickiness)—the popular classic comedy duo of Hollywood. Finding themselves on a run from a criminal gang in Chicago, the guys don’t mind slipping into girls’ shoes to hide their asses—joining a girls-only music band that also includes Hollywood’s bombshell Marilyn Monroe (as Sugar). Things come with strings, and so does this crazy adventure to Florida.
Curtis and Lemmon lit the screen for non-stop giggles and tickles—that is, Jack for giggles and Tony for tickles—and that shows in every scene of this unforgettable comedy. The film was a trend-setter, making trans-gender characterization a screen craze in comedy through the decades that followed. The satirical take on obsession with millionaires and the idiocy of the same (one falling for Daphne “unconditionally”) is precious. 
After more than 50 years of release, Some Like It Hot is still hot and the now late icons of Hollywood, Curtis and Lemmon, are as much alive as always through this delightful hit. The film itself shows why. A must watch for all comedy lovers!