Thursday, April 04, 2013

Star Light - Dark Night’s Fright

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

Unto darkness they had come, asleep;
Following stars, that coursed their way.
Not light, had they found, but the deep,
Dark, coldness, of emptiness astray. 

Far had they travelled, in the way, 
A man they held, as Lord and Master;
Not love and peace, but of loads aweigh,
On shoulders rounded in grief; disaster. 

Babylonian caste castles, rise on high,
No sign of a shephard’s grassy mat,
Steeples climbing, up to the sky;
Atopped with diamonds, of man’s hat.

Hark back now, to times of the wise
Men; learned over spells of faith,
Belief and kindess, that do not arise; 
But sciences of man, to now saith.

Of the elements of Earth and Air,
And Fire and Water, with grace.
Not love and the others, for to care;
Between high and lowly; great space.

Heaven’s splendid lights snuffed out,
Dark, villainous acts, men on men. 
Judges on high resile, sending the stout
To the sword, or immolation condemn. 

And so it begins, the war for hearts; 
The houses of man, against the Magi.
Near and away, all World’s parts; 
Against the darkness, of the sky.

From the dank Dungeons of Darkness,
To the Houses of Illumination.

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