Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stumbling into the light.

Category: Issue 10

I saw you
before I was new.

You glowed faintly
beautiful, soft, inviting.

I saw you

And you…

You drove me to the light.

The unforgiving, harsh, irreversible light of knowledge.

You drove me with your kind words and harsh hands;
forced me with your unforgiving touch and tainted soul.


You took the coveted darkness of my innocence;
You threw me, ever so cruelly, into the light.

And now I stumble ahead.
The light is too bright, too harsh;
it blinds me, and strips me of my defenses.

I am new.
I am naked.
I am lost.

I do not belong here….
not yet.

But the light is irreversible,
I cannot force it away,
or pretend I do not know it,
that it hasn’t touched me -
that I haven’t been bathed in it.

For now, I stumble.

But soon, I will walk -
with my head held high,
and my soul intact,
I will walk in this light…

Without You

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