Thursday, April 11, 2013

Symptoms of a Romantic

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Symptoms of a Romantic

Why? Romantics love lavenders, violets, purples and mauves; talk of nostalgia, winsome, and wistfulness; deal in the sadness of beauty,  the beauty of sadness, and understand we can greet death with a certain peaceful sadness. Hear the echo of bagpipes in mist filled glens, imagine the terror that existed there; of the courage and the bravery; and feel the tear drops that fell upon the dead and dying after all energy is spent. See the haze that surrounds the virgin; imagine the soul with wings not meant to be seen. See beauty in clouds that others see filled with danger; see faces in the lightning. Hear the kitten cries of a wild lion roaring; see through the troll’s façade to discover the little boy. See notes upon a page and hear the most glorious of sounds, we thought were for the dead. Whose being explodes into shooting stars and rainbows, which words cannot explain; that starts within, and carries past, the final thrust of love?

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