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The Adventures of Bumpy & Lumpy (A Childrens Fantasy)

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The Adventures of Bumpy & Lumpy

Bumpy & Lumpy Make Friends

  Bumpy was very big. She had big hands and big feet and was very strong. She could lift an entire loaf of bread over her head and crow like a rooster at the same time.
  Lumpy was tall and thin and had tiny hands and even tinier feet. In fact Lumpy’s feet were so small, she only needed one sock for both of them. Lumpy was not very strong but she was very smart. She was so smart that she could count to ten with both eyes closed.
  Bumpy and Lumpy lived on the same street and went to the same school but they didn’t know each other. Bumpy thought Lumpy was a plate of spaghetti and Lumpy thought Bumpy was a tree; but when Mrs. Fishcake, their teacher, introduced them, they began to play together and they’ve been friends ever since.
Bumpy & Lumpy Learn To Sing
    Bumpy and lumpy were in Lumpy’s kitchen trying to make cookies out of clay. Bumpy would squash the clay flat with her big hands and lumpy would cut out little cars and trucks with an old cookie cutter she found. Lumpy started to make up a little song about cookies and Bumpy joined in:
    Bumpy sang, “Boom padda padda/ Boom boom boom”
    And Lumpy sang in a very high voice,
    “Cookies can be any shape
    Any shape you care to make
    Roll ‘em stamp ‘em let ‘em bake
    We like cookies yea hey!
      Pretty soon their song was on the radio and everyone was singing along.
Bumpy & Lumpy Go to Town

Bumpy and Lumpy lived in a town where all the sidewalks were blue and all of the stores were Pet Stores.
“Let’s go into town and look at the pets,” said Lumpy. So they walked on the blue sidewalk until they came to Mr. Boolah Boolah’s pet store. Inside, the store was filled with strange animals. They saw a monkey headed snake and a snake headed bird and a bird headed monkey.
Then Mr. Boolah Boolah spun a big wheel and announced that Bumpy and Lumpy won a prize—a blue footed booby. Bumpy got so excited she jumped up and down she bumped her head on the ceiling. When she stopped crying, they walked home with their booby behind them.

Bumpy & Lumpy Learn To Take Turns

“Me first,” said Bumpy.
“No, me first,” said Lumpy.
“No, me first,” said Bumpy.
“No, me first,” said Lumpy.
“Wait,” said Bumpy, “Why don’t we take turns?”
“Okay,” said Lumpy, “I’ll go first.”
“No, I’ll go first,” said Bumpy.
This went on for two years until they forgot what they were arguing about.
“Let’s stop arguing,” said Lumpy.
“Okay,” said Bumpy, “You stop first.”

Bumpy & Lumpy Get Scared

Bumpy’s mother sent Bumpy and Lumpy to Mr. Boolah Boolah’s store for some fish.
“Make sure the fish are fresh,” said Mrs. Bumpy, “I don’t want any old fish.”
So Bumpy and Lumpy went to the store but Mr. Boolah Boolah only had old fish.
“How old are they?” asked Lumpy.
“Two hundred years,” said Mr. Boolah Boolah and he held up two hundred fingers to show them just how old the fish were. Yikes! How many fingers does Mr. Boolah Boolah have? Bumpy and Lumpy got so frightened that they ran all the way home and hid in Bumpy’s closet.

Bumpy & Lumpy Make a Bowl of Soup

Bumpy and Lumpy were at the beach. The sun was bright green in a yellow sky. It was hot. Bumpy took off her hat. “Look at all that water,” said Bumpy. “We didn’t bring enough pails.”
“Look at all that sand,” said Lumpy. “If we dig a big hole we can keep the water in it.”
So they dug a big deep hole and filled it with water. It was hard work. But no matter how much water they poured in the bowl it never got filled. “I know,” said Lumpy, “Lets go to my house and have some soup.” And that is what they did.

Bumpy & Lumpy Learn To Share

Mr. Boolah Boolah gave Bumpy and Lumpy one cookie to share.
“Where’s mine?” asked Lumpy.
“Share it,” said Mr. Boolah Boolah. “You think cookies grow on trees?”
This puzzled the girls. They didn’t know where cookies grew and they didn’t care either. So they broke the one cookie in half and ate it. It was delicious. They would have liked another so they looked for a cookie tree on the way home. Do you think they found one?

Bumpy & Lumpy Learn Their Letters

All the kids in Mrs. Fishcake’s pre-school class were learning the letter “D”.
“What word begins with D?” Mrs Fishcake asked the class?
“Dog,” yelled little Gloria Titmouse.
“Donkey,” hollered Franny Fastapple.
“Dinosaur,” said little Bobby Bobble who liked to read.
“Anyone else know a ‘D’ word?” asked Mrs. Fishcake. Bumpy and Lumpy raised their hands.
“Donuts,” shouted Bumpy and she took a big bag of dingle-berry donuts out of her pocket and passed them around. They were still warm.
“Delicious,” hollered Lumpy.
“Delicious,” hollered all the kids together.

Bumpy & Lumpy Learn to Fly

“I wish I could fly like a bird,” said Bumpy.
“I wish I could fly too,” said Lumpy, “but I wish I was a butterfly”.
The girls were playing in Bumpy’s backyard watching birds and bugs fly back and forth.
“Birds are better,” said Bumpy. “They can fly fast.”
“Butterflies are prettier,” said Lumpy, “and they visit flowers”.
“Some birds are pretty,” insisted Bumpy, “and some birds eat butterflies.”
This made Lumpy cry so they went inside and made marshmallow sandwiches for lunch. Bumpy said that she would never eat butterflies if she was a bird. This made Lumpy feel much better.

Bumpy & Lumpy Learn a Lesson

One day Mr. Boolah Boolah got a delivery of a dozen gray kittens to sell in his pet store. The kittens were so cute that Bumpy and Lumpy wanted them all. Mr. Boolah Boolah was mad at the kittens for being gray. He wanted white kittens. So he decided to wash the gray off the kittens.
The girls watched as Mr. Boolah Boolah put on big gloves and reached into the kitten’s cage. He reached in and pulled out the frightened kitten. Then he dipped the kitten into a tub of soapy water, scrubbed it with a big brush and wrapped it in a fluffy towel to dry. The kittens did not like being washed. They fought like crazy but Mr. Boolah Boolah didn’t care. He only wanted white kittens in his store.
When the washing was finished the kittens were still gray.


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