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The Battle And The Journey Home - Everwood

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The battle weary Knights head homeward once again.
Their dinted armour telling, the story of their pain.
Their horses too are bloodied, but carry masters home.
Soon ladies and princesses, will no longer be alone.

‘Twas many hours ago, they farewelled their King and son.
The stutter of the hooves, as the mighty steeds set forth,
Crushed the cries and sobs, of hope the job be done.
The rattle of the armour, played a song of death and worth.

The pipes were bright and lively as the long ride had begun.
The rattle of swords and shields, provided for the drum.
Two sides soon met headlong, into bloody battle;
Sword against sword, shields raised high; the clash was more a rattle.

Courageous men and ladies, with fire in their eyes,
Set upon the others, and wiped away their lies.
Green fields in the morn’ had suddenly turned red.
Blood spurting from the injured added to the dead.

The traitors near all slaughtered, but some did ride away.
Thoughts already turning for the fight another day.
They limped and crawled away, for home is where they headed.
A few were strong and upright, but their leader was beheaded.

The King rode high and strongly, as the leader of the knights.
And home came out towards them, as they told of all the fights.
And victory was their message, as they stuttered in once more.
Ladies and princesses, greeting home those they adore.

Everwood was safe again - though all knew there’d be more.

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