Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Crash of the Century

Category: News

This is one of the most interesting and amusing news to come out in Pakistan lately. While requesting the US for drone technology, Pakistan somehow developed its own drone technology. At least that is what it must have been thought until the news last morning that a surveillance drone belonging to the Pakistan Navy crashed in Karachi. The cause, according to a navy spokesman, was collision with a bird.

The drone was on a routine surveillance flight when a bird hit it. Ordinarily, we would expect that the bird went down in such a collision. But since the drone happened to be unprepared for the terrible accident, it volunteered to collapse and sacrifice its precious life to save that of the bird. Given the status of animals rights in Pakistan, this is a remarkable achievement not to be overlooked.

After the collision, the drone fell down inside the premises of an oil refinery in Korangi area of Karachi. No damage was caused, which again reminds us how benign our drones are for all life and property. It is indeed surprising why none of the two companies in the federal capital Islamabad are opening up on which one prepared this particular drone. But whichever did deserves a medal.

And oh, that terrorist bird! When we get it caught, we’ll charge it with blasphemy and teach it a lesson in flight etiquettes.