Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Day I Became a Husband

Category: Life

The title may surprised those who know me as a sworn bachelor a little (and my close friends, I hope you are still in your chair, for it does read shocking even to my eyes here) as you know about my bachelorhood vows. So what actually is the story?

Well, it happened last month when I took a day-long course called “Handling a Difficult Person” taught by a wonderful ex police chief of 30 plus experience as a police chief in Oregon. He was just awesome and the course was truly interesting with instructions and illustrations, audio and video clips etc. What was even more especially interesting about the course was that I was asked for role playing and my role was that of a husband having a noisy quarrel with his wife. So a young lady and I came to the front of the class and the chief asked us to start arguing while looking at each other angrily in the eyes, standing face to face.

And there went the argument, in an almost yelling tone between me and my “wife” –

Wife: Hey I told you not to throw that drink. That was my soda!
Me: And I told you it wasn’t me who threw that drink. The cat did it!

And the wife angrily said something (I don’t remember) but I heard myself saying, “I am sick of you!”

The chief intervened at this point, took me aside by the arm to the other corner of the room, and said, “Sir, let’s talk about it. Is that your wife you were arguing with?”

“Yes she is my wife, and that is unfortunate!” said I, being the annoyed hubby. The class all laughed at this and my role as a husband came to an end.

So my friends, I finally did become a husband, and saw what life is like being one 