Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Green

Place: 20th place in Creative Writing

I ran and thrust myself deep
into the woods, only to be accosted immediately
by the river.

“Where were you?!”

It was true; lately, I’d been selfish.
Consumed by petty earthly matters
not pertaining to The Earth herself.

The Earth I was responsible for.

“Where were you?!”

While I’d been admonished by the river many times before,
I’d never heard her so shrill, nor seen her this raging.

“Last night every tree was felled
As chaos and terror were sowed,” she informed,
“So much murder reigned supreme
Because you weren’t here to protect us.”

I swiveled, frenzied, in false hope that it wasn’t that dreadful,
only to fall over one of thousands of dead trees.
It was true, and
it was all my fault.

I craned my neck to view the sky above.
Where once it was barely visible, only through tiny slivers
between branches intricately intertwined,
Now the I could see the clouds,
and they me.
Pendulous and exposed, they rained down drops of
bitterness and fury, pelting my skin.

The river wept so loud, I feared I would go deaf.
I plugged my ears with feathers
plucked from the myriad of birds
that now lifelessly carpeted the forest floor.

The betrayal of my soul’s true roots
unleashed a ravenous shame in me.
It rapidly began feasting on my spirit.

The river, God bless her, wouldn’t stop carrying on
until I stripped as bare as the land surrounding us.
I plunged myself into the depths of her pain.

Her waters calmed as she greedily lapped up
my man-made waters, foreign and filled with salt
that were streaming down my face in grief.

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