Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Hall of the Mountain King

Category: Issue 9

Copyright (C) 2008 by:Arthur,-the author

There I was,
Standing in awe,
A humble pilgrim on a sojourn,
To the Hall of the Mountain King.
To my delight, finally tonight, I have arrived!

I felt myself adrift,
Imagine carefree me, on the open sea…
Alone under a star filled sky,
Forever together as companions,
We three; Me, myself, and I.

For sure, whenever we banded together,
There formed a singular triangle of fools,
One for all, and all for one, we sang…
Lounging on endless waves of laughter,
Oh such delight!

Herein, therein, and certainly at this time,
All at once, within a blink, we were ensounced,
Within a bevy of playful bikini clad beauties,
At a celebrity studded, sinful and sanguine,
Legendary Hollwood party.  Holy Smokes!

My reverie was so real, so life-like,
The path beneath our feet had ended,
Like innocents on the Yellow Brick Road,
After a lifetime of unworthiness,
Behold a grand reward.

“This must be Heaven!” I said as collective jaws dropped.
With no one to witness what happened next,
From somewhere nearby,
We heard the urgency of a sharp piercing voice,
Its emphatic tone was unmistakable.

Instantly, the air filled with dramatic elocutions,
Moral words echoed loud, “Think Man, think!”
“If you play… You must pay,” he cautioned,
Astonishingly, the annoying voice belonged to
The self-righteous ex-Governor Elliot Spitzer.

“What in the hell are you doing in our dream?”
We asked in perfect disbelief, “Are you lost?”
“Go away…” we three prayed,
“...This dream is taken…”
Praise the Lord, our prayers were answered, when he did!

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