Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Importance of Gratitude

Category: Life

Were you grateful for being able to sleep last night? Are you grateful for
waking up today? Do

you have both arms, both hands and both legs? Do you have vision, whether it
is 20/20 or not?

Do you have someone who loves you; parents, siblings or friends? Do you have
a roof over your

head? Do you eat until you’re full? Have you sat down for a minute and
actually thought about

what you had, instead of what you didn’t? Do you realize, even if you have
one of the things I

just listed above, you are blessed? Are you forgetful of what has been given
to you? Have you

become so use to these things that you need to have them taken away in order
to realize? Did you

say thank you to the last person who helped you? Do you love the person who
loves you back,

just as much? Are you so confident that you will live long enough to see
tomorrow? I write this

to you, so you can think about these things every day. Life is short, but it
seems that our memory

of what we have in it is even shorter.

Don’t you know that happiness is a state of mind, which solely begins with
‘your’ attitude? Either

you are negative, or you are positive. Your whole life is capable of
changing with just how you

perceive your surroundings. No one in this life will have everything they
“want”, but if they learn

to see, they will see they have what they need already. People want a
million dollars, so they

pray for it. Did you ever think you might already have the million dollars?
What if that million

dollars was in the form of something else, like a mother? Someone who loves
you? Paper isn’t

the only asset. This is what I mean, we have things of value which are worth
more than anything

in this world, but we don’t ever notice it until it’s gone. I had a friend
who lost their mother, and

they told me “I would always be so angry and do things just to make her mad,
and the next thing

you know, she was gone”. Would you really want regret like that in your
life? Be grateful while

you have it, and be grateful for having the chance of having it.

The beauty of saying ‘thank you’ is that it takes little time, but the
effect lasts a life time. Just as

we should be grateful for what we have, we should be grateful for what we
don’t. If you believe

in God, than you believe what we don’t have is only for our own betterment.
No one knows us

better than the one who made us. You must learn to believe in your creator,
without doubting

his reasoning. Sometimes what we don’t have is a way of having something in
itself. Like they

say, ‘a prayer unanswered, is still a prayer answered.’ When you pray, you
should say thanks

for the things you have first. Thank God, thank your family, your friends,
your neighbors and

anybody who’s been there for you and with you through thick and thin. Most
people may not

realize it, but gratitude is a form of charity itself. Not only should you
appreciate the people who

come in your life, but also the ones who leave your life. Every single thing
has a purpose or

lesson behind it in life. Life remains teaching us, so we shall remain
learning from it.

With that being said, you should never not be thankful, because you can
never be too

grateful. Learn to be tolerant, be accepting, be positive, and be
appreciative. Remember that, the

first step to being great is to be grateful. We work hard every day to reach
our goals, dreams or

even the next promotion at work. Although, once we get there, we sometimes
let our ego step in

and change how we think. We cannot allow ourselves to get ahead of ourselves
that is exactly

how we lose. You see how everything correlates with being grateful. If we
cannot display

gratitude or be thankful for our blessings, than slowly we will stop having
the things we should

be saying thank you for.

‘For some people, enough is never enough. For others, it is just enough.’ -
Sullee J.

*‘I’m Thankful…’ *- Sullee J

I’m thankful for the ones that love me

The ones that hate me

The ones that I call friends

And the ones that tried to play me

I’m thankful for the ones that need me

The ones that want me

The ones that try and please me

So later they can come back to haunt me

I’m thankful for the pain and the laughter

If it wasn’t for the rain

I wouldn’t have known how to keep a straight face after

I’m thankful for being alive,

I’m thankful for having a reason to survive

I’m thankful for making it out of hell

Because at one point, I was feenin’ to die

I’m thankful for my enemies,

They taught me who’s real, which helped better me

I’m thankful for this life

And every day that it lets me be

I’m thankful for love and the

Lessons it showed me

I’m thankful in general

For what’s above, and what’s below me