Thursday, September 15, 2005

The inherent violence of signal horns


Here’s a thought I just had. There must be something rudimentary wrong with a society when we only have one kind of signal horn in our cars. It’s all blaring and booeing and you’re a bad driver and get out of my lane for christ sake. Maybe you’re picking up a friend at his house and you hit the horn to let him know you’re there. Do you really want to use the same sound to let your friend know you’ve arrived as you use to tell the moron in the red pick-up he’s about the sorriest excuse for a driver you’ve ever seen?

No, what we need is a second horn sound. Whoppadeedoo! Something nice and happy. Something that says ‘Wow, you drive really well, mister!’ or ‘Gee, that Porsche really compliments your hair!’

I think a secondary signal horn would make this world a bit more beautiful. After all, it’s just a way to say something nice to someone.

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