Friday, July 05, 2013

The Pool

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It’s a Bool.
Don’t you see?
Just like in Lisey’s Story.
I am such a fool.

If you haven’t read it
Let me tell you this
It’s proud and sad and romantic
It’s a BOOL, dammit

Boo’ya Moon is my kind of a place
But I guess ol’ Steve knows that
The pool we all drink out of, I tip my hat
To this great writer who knows what’s what

The arguments of insanity fall trough with a soft shirring sound.
Soft? Shirring? Free the hounds!
I am home, I am lost, I am me and yet I’m not
Always there, yet not conscious, hey but what’s that knot?

Forget the insecurities, forget the me
No, wait, that shit matters
Am I here, or am I there, or—- hey, what flutters
In the grand scheme of things, what matters?

I drink from the pool
You do too, you fool
We all do, to some extent,
We all wish to stop the experiment

But we’re here, so we might as well lounge
In the basking moonlight
Forget the screams, forget the WORLD!
Drink my friend, and enjoy the swirl
Of that bittersweet water
Of that tainted thought
Sleepwalk, if you must
But drink, drink, drink,
Till your belly busts
Take it all in, puke it all out
This is what is there, this is what to steal
Nay not steal but grab
So catch you a fishy in that everlasting pool
Catch you a catch that’ll make them drool


But most of all…

Thread water and do not get bit.
Thread water and get what you will.
Just don’t stay there long enough
For the teethed things to make you weep.

*Some of this inspiration and quotes were taken from Stephen King’s “Lisey’s Story”. The poem is mine, some of the quotes are his. Thanks Steve, I can totally relate.

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