Monday, September 01, 2008

The Red Haven

Category: Issue 11

Vagrant paralysis as the sleep vacates
The delirious children.  Disastrous
Spells on broken empires. Locks
Forever burnt and twisted.  Eggshells
Form forgotten words. Tongues
Darting over new letters.

Strangers in the mind of darkness.
Fluttering heartaches, sparkling image
Of the water-prince.  Animals coming
Undone and we can’t decide what’s
For the best.  Moonlight traps us like
Statues, scared to move, to breath.

The staircase beckons.  African
Echoes mimic sparrows, drilling in
My neck.  Desperate highways as the
Infinite terror of the abyss is somehow
More appealing.  I wait for the inevitable.

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