Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The thing about sex in the bible

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Whenever my church called for these all girls meetings the conversations would slip into sex. The advice they’d give us would be no different than the secular knowledge save for the fact that you ought to wait until marriage. But other than that sex is a beautiful thing and it ought to be cherished, the bible was never anti-sex. Well, that’s not entirely true. Let’s go to the beginning with Adam, Eve and the serpent. We all know how it tricks them into eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, but what we’re missing is word associations in the text. We notice that the Elohim doesn’t want the humans to have knowledge like it does, but what we miss is that throughout the bible the word know is related to sex. Why is this important, well remember how Adam and Eve’s eyes were opened? They saw their nakedness and became ashamed. Why? Your penis, your vagina, your ovaries or testicles or clitoris is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s your body, its natural. But to a puritan it’s shameful to engage in lustful activities because there’s something wrong with those body parts. It’s like a boy having a wet dream or a girl having her period, they’re confused, they don’t know what’s going on and it’s almost as if the parents never took the time to tell them it was normal, or that the normality lesson never sunk in. So they spread their disease, their low self-esteem and hatred to others, shaming them until others are conditioned to think like them. This is what happened in the garden; the Elohim shames their sex and does this further after the Exodus with the law. Pregnant women are unclean, menstruating women are, men with nocturnal ejaculations, women are property and are paid for like damaged goods when raped, anything to do with sex is just filthy altogether.( Lev 12:2-5, Deut 22:28-29, Lev 15:16-18, Lev 15:19-24)  Well, what about the Song of Solomon you argue, that was about sex and people loved it. That is true, but do you know how Christians and Jews love to call it a double meaning, that the book isn’t merely about sexual love but is also about or is God’s love for the church? It’s almost as if it’s a way of trying to white wash the reason it was included in biblical cannon because its inclusion was debated for its erotic content. The language it was, so beautiful, so human. And the priests couldn’t stomach this for some reason, for some reason they just couldn’t see the beauty in sex, people still can’t. They might try to wash it up to get more younger followers and lean on the Song of Solomon for support but one book can’t erase the damage done by the ones before and after it. The bible is double minded about sex because it’s a collection of books and opinions, as its double minded about a lot of things.

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