Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Windolyn Affair

Category: Short Story

Rarely do people fall in love in the classical sense. Mostly, the sin of lust is mistaken for heartfelt love. Sometimes, in our miserable lives love does appear, and it is almost always impossible to capture. Recalling my love affair with Windolyn, i can’t help wondering if lust was the byproduct of my love or the primary symptom of my psychic intuition. For a man, a particle of The American Dream is to find love, but to me, it’s called The American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.                                                               
My first recollection of Windolyn was of wonderment; How could a woman emanate an aura so powerful as to shut down one’s critical judgement. Her face reminded me of a porcelain doll created in the image of a cherub angel; The smile, a cure for a litany of ailments both mild and severe. A voice…so serene and knowing that the words flowed as if from a harp played by the daughter of god. In reality, she was ordinary to the casual observer, but to me she was the fulfillment of a dream. A walking realization that life indeed had a purpose and in time we would combine spirits and complete lifes journey as a singular entity. Oh how wrong i would be!   
To Be Continued

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