Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This Road

Category: Issue 8, Poetry/Lyrics Winners


I know this road
I walked it barefoot as a child
So eager
Such expectations
Anticipating what lay
Beyond vagrant bends
Over burgeoning hills
In the mossy
Bubbling hearts
Of deep canyons
My small hands reaching
My smooth arms embracing
Every errant dream
Every oblivious breeze
From anywhere

I know this road
It twists and winds its way
Among tall pines
Across sleeping meadows
And along the rims
Of rocky cliffs
The granite warm on sunny days
And cool when twilight
Weaves a dark basket
Of fine silk threads
Across a sky
Where bright stars peek down
Between the strands
To light my way
Along this road

I know this road
I always speak to people
As they pass
Some respond
Some are so intent
Upon the great load they carry
They can’t hear me
Can’t see me
That’s okay
I don’t mind
They have their burdens
I have mine
I just don’t think we’ll need very much
When we reach the end
Of this dusty road


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