Sunday, October 23, 2011

Threatened to Confusion!

Category: News

CyberbullyingWhat do you do when you get a message from a stranger who is warning you to stop writing something that you can’t remember you wrote, or else he’ll post all the dirty stuff about you online? Believe it or not, this happened to me. Someone named Alex Scarlet (which may well be a Fake ID) wrote the other day in an angry and insulting manner, telling me to immediately remove a blog (called it ‘coming crises blog’) or else he’ll write all kinds of ‘spicy’ dirty things about me and forward the links to my ‘friends’ and ‘foes’.

Of course, it made me a little angry to get an unwelcome message from some pissed-off guy that I don’t know. But his message was confusing since it said I had blogged about women, naming and blaming them (didn’t say blaming for what). This was pretty confusing. I have attempted to draw attention to the abuse of women (and kids and animals) done across the world. But never any blog where I become offender rather than the defender of women rights. Maybe someone is using my name to make such posts. 

I replied asking him to send me the link to the blog he was talking about. No reply so far, but just thought of posting this blog to bring it on record… just in case somebody did try to use, or is actually using my real/pen name to post any offensive content. Will do an update if I get something from Mr. (or is it Miss) Scarlet. Any suggestions?